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As the director of the newly formed Centre for Environmental Studies, I am excited to have the opportunity to introduce you to our centre. One of the first questions I am always asked is, “What is environmental management and how does it relate to sustainable development?”

Human society is beginning to recognize the pressing need to solve the multitude of environmental problems which have arisen over time and which continue to grow today. These environmental problems stem from patterns of human interaction with the earth and its ecosystems and from various societies’ unsustainable use of natural resources. The Centre for Environmental Studies (CES) at Nasarawa State University, Keffi was established with the primary aim of educating individuals to solve challenging environmental problems, both at the local and global levels. CES-NSUK also works directly to improve human well-being and ‘environmental quality through community, city, and state partnerships in service and research.

“We harness the power of science to transform the way society understands and manages the environment. By conducting cutting-edge research into today’s most pressing environmental problems, we are developing new ideas to help guide our state, nation, and world toward a more environmentally sustainable future”.

Dr. Joshua Magaji
Director (CES-NSUK)

[/html] [nd_panel title="VISION" dark="0" different_values="0"] [nd_quote color=" c-theme-border" reversed="0" different_values="0"] [html format="ckeditor" different_values="0"]The CES-NSUK is the fulfillment of a dream for A Centre for Excellence in Environmental Studies and Sustainable Development. It is a Multidisciplinary Centre, situated within a global setting to help drive and actualize global, national and regional thinking and aspiration on Environment, Climate Change and Sustainable Development.[/html] [/nd_quote] [/nd_panel] [row different_values="0"] [col different_values="0"] [nd_tabs type=" top" align=" " uppercase="1" bold="1" no_paddings="0" different_values="0"] [nd_tab title="MISSION" active="1" different_values="0"] [html format="ckeditor" different_values="0"]

The major focus of the Centre is on Research and Development aimed at;

1. Exposing the impact of various forms and extent of environmental degradation in the country.

2. Promoting sustainable environmental adaptation and mitigation measures such as tree planting and erosion control, evolving Green Industrial Technological Models, exploring economic opportunities of clean energy, green technology, the Carbon Market, etc.

Adapting such measures in mitigating the effect of environmental problems.

1. The development of a comprehensive carbon or emission footprints or inventory to determine the actual economic advantages in relation to such schemes as World Bank programmes, Community Development, Carbon Fund, etc.

2. Helping to evolve and propagate an appropriate National Policy on Environmental issues.

3. Promoting the development and use of renewable energy into popular culture in Nigeria and educating the masses on effects of environmental degradation, thus showing, in effects, the interface of environmental crises and appropriate practices in the society.

Promoting interdisciplinary approach to Environmental Studies.

In addition, the Centre will organize Training, Conferences, Workshops and Publications to promote cooperation among researchers, and also raise national awareness of the challenges of Environmental degradation in both its national and global dimensions.

1. Engendering campaigns towards making both the problems and prospects of contemporary environmental issues an immediate feature in the minds of the average Nigerian and in the studies of the national educational system.

[/html] [/nd_tab] [nd_tab title="PROGRAMME AND ACTIVITIES OF CES-NSUK" active="0" different_values="0"] [html format="ckeditor" different_values="0"]The programme encompasses Research, Study, Production, Training, Commercials, Consultancy and Extension Services as well as Linkages (collaboration and partnership with national and international research and other agencies involved in issues of Environment, Climate Change and Sustainable Development).[/html] [/nd_tab] [nd_tab title="FOCUS ON THE FUTURE" active="0" different_values="0"] [html format="ckeditor" different_values="0"]Focusing on the future will help the NSUK-CES respond to the regional and international needs and opportunities for environmental science over the next few years. It includes building on our current strengths with an increased focus on understanding genes to ecosystems, human welfare, energy choices, water security, and expanding our global reach.[/html] [/nd_tab] [/nd_tabs] [/col] [/row] [/nd_container]